February 27 virgo daily horoscope

The Moon is in Sagittarius. You will be aggressive in financial dealings today. This will apply to both how you earn your money, especially competitively, and also how you want to spend it. You have lots of drive and energy today — no question. Of course, you can use this aggressive energy if you have to defend yourself or take charge. Keep your eyes open today! You have to cooperate more than usual with partners and close friends because the Moon is opposite your sign.

But a sneaky influence hints that someone might be working against your best interests.


Today you can rally your troops and set them marching because you have enormous charisma and influence over others, especially in group situations. Seriously, you can use this skill to achieve your objectives.

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Look out world! Because you are focused on shared property, inheritances and wills, if you encounter disputes in these areas, your intentions will prevail. This is also a hot, sexy day!


Oh yeah. However, you can also channel this energy into studying and writing or legal debates. You will be effective defending the property or rights of someone else today. Likewise, if you have to defend your own fair share of an inheritance or a disputed amount of property — you will do this successfully. Privately, your sex drive is heightened. In other words, everyone loses.

Virgo Daily Horoscope for February 27 | ✨ Magic Horoscope

Your associates prove their loyalty by supporting you in a crisis. Lucky number 1. Colour fiery red. You are ambitious in professional areas, affectionate and kind in personal relationships and charming on social occasions. A fine balance of Yin receptive and Yang dynamic energies brings inner and outer stability after a period of indecision and insecurity. Lucky number 4. She makes you aware of your inner voice, which speaks, in the wordless language of the heart.

A cool, soothing relaxed and romantic aspect in personal relationships is on the cards. Lucky number 2.

Colour blues. You are enthusiastic and spontaneous with youthful energy when making new beginnings. The gates to new dimensions and opportunities suddenly open up for you. You are likely to work closely with young people or children and earn their love and respect. Personal relationships, business collaborations and partnerships are wonderful and supportive but vulnerable so be aware. You achieve aims and goals with integrated support and a positive approach. Love and romance are on the cards! A Libran is an ally.

Colour lotus pink.


Here is your horoscope for February 27, 12222

You are blessed with insight and clarity of vision as you come closer to an important goal. You actualize your potential in a venture when given independent control. Forgive a friend for a mistake. Personal relationships need to be treated with loving care. Instead, a friendly aspect to the planets already in your romantic sector and just weeks before your luckiest year for love in over a decade begins, this is the spark that could set everything in motion.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 26th February 2019

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About Virgo Virgos are good at organizing stuff. Ruled by Mercury, they are neat, tidy and thoughtful people who always remember how their individual friends take their coffee. They actually have organized workshops with a place for everything and everything in its place. They are good at things like gardening and healing, because they care about details and make sure that measurements are correct to the merest gram.