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Pisces: Snacks, kinda paying attention but mostly daydreaming. Simiraly to Gemini, sometimes they talk to other people and make them laugh. MY daughter! However, these challenges will come to shape a person and transform them into a stronger version of who they used to be. Saturn in my opinion is not just about restriction, it is about the steady progression of a person over time and blossoming all on your own. Your identity is a wound that is buried deep, something that you fear cannot retrieved. Saturn has left you with nothing to define who you are, what you are, or what you want others to see.

You must build yourself from the rough ground up, identities that are not identities and are only masks will surely fail, as you have to build not just yourself but your authentic self. You entered this world without yourself but you will leave with yourself, make sure that the person that you claim as yourself is you, only you, and absolutely no one else. How to help yourself grow : Let go of anything that is apart of you that is not you, do not fear who you really are, allow your identity to take hold, be patient and forgiving with yourself, self discovery will take time.

You fear that you and your life are not secure. You fear that you and your life are worth nothing. Above all you fear that there is nothing in your grasp, that both your life and you will slip through your fingers like smooth beach sand, and that they will never return again. A person that feels unworthy will surround themselves with material worth, and Saturn will take these things away again and again and again until you learn to value what truly matters, yourself.

If you cannot value yourself, then how would you be able to truly value anything else? How to help yourself grow : Write down everything that you love and value about yourself, do not get too caught up in materialism, find worth within, do not let money get the best of you, appreciate the simple, uncomplicated things. You fear that you and your verbal and written form of self expression are nonexistent. Saturn has taken away both the tongue and the pen and through out life you must rebuild a long forgotten voice.

I promise that from you beautiful words will learn to bloom. A lifetime of listening will lead to a thousand ways to speak, in many ways your words will never leave. Speak only what is on your mind and on your heart, words that are not yours will fall backwards down your throat. From your words you will truly move, from your movements you will truly speak. Release all of the moments that you wish you had said something from your childhood.

Release any negative critiques about the way that you speak.

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Release anyone from your life that makes a mockery of what comes from your mind and your heart. You are you and you must learn that your words are not cursed, they are only meant to grow. A lack of a comforting and steady home when you were younger makes nowhere a home. Saturn has taken away the ability to feel as if you belong, the comfort associated with a childhood, a place that makes you feel warm. With many years of unrelenting patience and allowing yourself time, you will become both the nurturer and the home, instead of seeking comfort in people or places that become cold you will take advantage of the warmth that is your own.

No one and nothing can replace your childhood, no one and nothing can replace a home. Your own father. Your own nurturer.

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It may seem tough but false security in another is tougher. Lose home. Find home.

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Make home. How to help yourself grow : Have a self care days, take time to watch cartoons from your childhood or to do things that you used to enjoy, create positive affirmations for yourself, know in your heart that your family does not define you. You fear letting yourself roam. You fear letting yourself go. You are stuck within the pattern of fearing that you can never be enough and that you will never be enough, that everyone else can glow but you cannot glow too. Maybe you have talents but choose to not show them. Maybe you do not know what your own talents are.

And ask yourself, truly, deeply, down to your heart, did you ever give them enough room to grow? To move? To glow? Talents cannot thrive without you giving them space. Talents will not manifest unless you learn to give yourself encouragement.


Creativity will lie in an eternal sleep until you allow yourself to dream. Saturn has taken away your talents and expects for you to discover them on your own, for you to allow them to thrive and grow.

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Expression through the arts is, dare I say, what life is all about, and Saturn will not let you attain them easily. To get them you will truly, verily, whatever you want to say, have to reach. Reach in a heart. Reach in a mind. Reach in forgotten emotions and forgotten thoughts. In time you will radiate from within. Falling behind. You do not want to be left in the dust that you have set for yourself so you work and you work until there is nothing left.

Saturn has taken away the ability to know when it is time to rest. When it is safe. A life of labor not broken up by personal relaxation will surely take a toll on your body, from your head to your torso to your thighs, every illness and ailment that you fear at night. Detiorating your mind will deteriorate your body until you waste away into someone that is not you and someone that will never be you.

Release the long kept tension from your shoulders. Unclench your tightened jaw. Release your hands from any unnatural form that they are in. Release any remaining negative inner thoughts. You do not always have to be unmistakeably present and alert. Sometimes the best rest of all is allowing yourself to exist.

Allow yourself into a personal world that is free of labor and one that is kind. How to help yourself grow : Take a day off from any and all work, break out of routine and be spontaneous, if you have forgotten to take any medication make sure you take it now, listen to any aches and pains in your body, eat something nourishing and healthy, go somewhere calm and free of stress like somewhere in nature. Being incomplete. Never being whole.

You have lost yourself years and years ago and you cannot bear to let your old self go so you find who you were in soft eyes. Supple skin.

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Someone that will lay with you at night. Unknowingly the lover that you seek out is you, unknowingly you seek a lover from yourself. There is a tender, cautious, way to your love. You want who you love to be someone who can make you whole. Someone that will tell you where the rest of you has gone. Someone that will make you feel less alone. Saturn has taken away the ability to find yourself within yourself, there is an unmistakeable theme in your life of finding yourself in others. Making yourself in others.

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Becoming yourself in others. Your anchor. Love will not be forever until you learn that only you can inhabit your own bones, that the best representation of yourself is yourself and no one else.

You owe an apology to yourself. Take as long as you need. How to help yourself grow : Put yourself above everyone else, find love that holds you not love that defines you, when you are stressed try aromatherapy, do not let anyone convince you that you need them. You believe that as long as you do not reveal yourself to be vulnerable they will never hurt you, that as long as you never let them hurt you that you will never be vulnerable.

Everything bubbling beneath the surface of a cool and distant exterior will eventually begin to rot if you do not allow it to breathe. Saturn has taken away your trust in others and you must learn what trust is. Everything that you have dreamt has hurt you is just that, a dream, the world is not as cruel and as ruthless as you may have made it out to be.

Some people are kind. Some people are soft. Do not allow your fear of being uncovered isolate you. The world is so much more than what it seems. How to help yourself grow : Find someone that you trust deeply and let it all out, write poetry to describe your feelings, learn to trust yourself and others, do not fear what may lurk in the dark. That you have reached too high for the stars and have instead been burned by the sun, that what you have always known about the earth will always be the only thing that you know.

Overall you fear getting everything wrong. How it feels to truly not know. Saturn has taken away your freedom and you must reclaim it, in the wind that is swept over grass, in the limitless movement of clouds across the sky, in the way that songbirds unabashadely sing.