Celebrity love match astrology

Should you go out and party or just spend the night in with a few special people in your life? Find out what's in store for you? What will this mean for your zodiac sign?

Celebrity love match astrology

Perhaps you would like a new romantic relationship, improved career, abundance, travel or other desire. Mercury is set to be retrograde beginning today straight through to January 15, Will the planet of communication cause havoc with your zodiac sign? How will this major astrological event, affect you? Mars, the warrior planet, goes retrograde today. This is big news because this planet has a lot to do with motivation, the creation of energy, and the will to fight with what is right. How will it affect you?

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The holidays can be a lonely time. If you need a spark during the winter season, try these tips for your zodiac sign to provide a spark this season.

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Tiger Woods' Astrology Chart The greatest golfer in the world is wrapped up in a high profile celebrity scandal. Find out what may have caused this in Tiger Woods' astrology chart. Cancer has a harder time with big crowds than Leo, who doesn't mind showy spectacles. Leo likes romantic gestures, and Cancer knows how and when to show sincere affection.

They both like to kiss and cuddle, and they don't mind showing the world their good times.

Holidays will be huge for this pair, each trying to outdo the other to make it the best ever. Both are sentimental, giving their romance a sense of story, with souvenirs, pictures, and trinkets that represent their love.

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If a Leo looks down, as if from a regal throne, that leaves crabs wondering if they'll be deemed worthy. If Cancers feel at all judged, they're known to launch a preemptive push away from the other to avoid getting rejected.

Love Astrology: Celebrity Horoscope Compatibility by the Zodiac Sign

Both signs take rejection very hard and aim to avoid it by watching for the signs. Leos want to feel proud of their mate and won't have the patience for the crab's moments of panicking in public and being overwhelmed by insecurity.

This situation worsens if the lion grows disdainful, which Cancer senses immediately. Leo has the comic gifts to lighten the moon child's dark moods but won't want this to be a full-time job. A strong Cancer accepts the posturing of the proud lion and will grow from basking in the self-confidence of a Leo.

How compatible are you with your favorite celeb?

Leo may not be able to reassure the sensitive moon child. If the crab gets too needy, Leo will lose respect.

Quiz: Can You Match the Celebrity to Their Zodiac Sign?

On the other hand, Cancers are often childlike and instinctively know what others need. They're the ones clapping wildly and making extravagant faces, laughing or crying at a Leo's theatrics.

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