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Researching the Destiny of your Life View the daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes for each birth sign.. Related Links : Services Disclaimer. D o I really need a Full Reading? What is in there useful for me! Want to discover your destiny? Want to know more about your, Romance and Marriage? Curious to know things like? Ideal Match, whether there any obstacles for a successful married life in your horoscope such as - Mangalik Dosh Kuja Dosha and are impatient to know something about the future Marriage Partner? P rovided that you are satisfied with the free readings given here, and due to some reason you want to have a Full Reading prepared for yourself.

Or you are thinking of giving the Reading as an unforgettable birthday present to a New Born Child or somebody you really care about. Then more information about the Full Reading is given below. I f you are searching for the free reading, the free reading is available at the following page in my web site.

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Please click here to visit it. Based on your time and place of birth, this web page will calculate the "Lagna" or the constellation which was appearing at eastern horizon at the place of birth on the moment of your birth. Lagna in Jyotish system differs about 23 degrees from the Rising sign calculated by Western astrologers - And this difference is called the "Ayanamsa". D epending on your "Lagna", you will be offered a brief one page free reading. U nlike the automated free reading, The full reading Click here to Preview make use of hundreds of other reference points such as the position of sun, moon and other planets, positions of minor constellations Nakshtras planetary combinations, aspects and so on, in order to focus the reading exactly on you and make it unique for you.

Since it involves many complex factors, a good reading can not be automated as such and be produced with a flick of a switch. You need a good human astrologer to prepare it for you. It is as same as that an electric drill or a saw can not replace a carpenter. Such things can be good efficient tools using which a competent good carpenter may create a master piece in no time. But it does not mean that the master craftsman could be replaced by his tools. As same as that, you need a good human astrologer to prepare a good reading for you.

Get the Full Life Astrological reading Unique in this site. It is not a computer report!! It is an individually focused well written document.

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You can not get this reading from any other place. Why not try This unique Vedic Astrology Reading? What is the price of a reading?

The current pricing is as following : Price for a reading for one person. Option 1. Option 2. How can I order a reading? You need to fill the below form and press the submit button. Or e lse send a email to me jyothirvidya yahoo. Your Name, and your Title or Gender Mr. Rev Date of birth Ex.

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And where you live now Country. Why there is no instant payment button? Though I charge some money for the time I spend working on your reading, I do not run this website as a money making venture. You need to contact me first to see whether I agree to write a reading for you. MAIL has been installed correctly.

To utilize this script Miss Ms.

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I s this fortune Telling? Fortune telling is based on superstition. It is an obsession with blind belief. In fortune telling you will never hear the reason behind what you have been told. For an example suppose that you were told by a fortune teller that, you are going to meet with an accident at such and such time. IF you ask him what? And why? You will not get a rational answer. Most probably what he told you is what just came to his mouth at that time.

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What you and I will be doing together in your reading is an exploration and investigation of an area of human knowledge and experiences with a history dating back to thousands of years. Therefore this is a journey in to unknown using human ingenuity and knowledge for guidance. There is a relationship? That is why there are so many religious institutions in this world. All are trying to supply a reason.

Some say it is Karma and others say the Gods will, but who knows it for sure? Read what is astrology. Whether it is Karma or Gods will, what we are trying to do here is to have a sneaky peek at it in a way similar to solving a puzzle.

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Practically every statement in your reading will be supported by reason and logic. The reason is, many other people with similar positions of Saturn had their health affected during the Saturn's transit over the 8th house. Majority had suffered from pains or accidents to left side of the body, specially the left leg or the arm. Therefore you must be careful during this period. Like that.. So, there is no mystery, no superstition nor magic.

Just the sheer awesome knowledge, the experiences of people lived before us and the systems of predictions based on mathematics of planetary motions developed by the ancient Sages and Rishies Scientists are the guiding lights in this reading. While doing our exploration we may be able to find out things like what are your lucky numbers or lucky days could be etc.

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But these are secondary benefits. If you want to face bravely to the ups and downs of life with a new understanding and If you are interested to find out answers for questions such as what? Then this is a type of a reading which might be of interest to you.