Pisces love weekly horoscope

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Your partner will be supportive of your endeavors this weekend. If you are planning a DIY project, involve your partner too.

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Make sure to be productive this weekend, Pisces. Single Pisces, staying indoors may not work in your favor this weekend. As you go out and meet new people, you will gain more energy and optimism.

Pisces Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope October 7-14 2019

Your mindset may change and give you a better outlook overall. Career issues may be set aside for now. They know what the other person needs or wants, often without the other person saying. Pisces also love to tackle events and circumstances as they unfold, rather than too much speculated future planning. Pisceans can be extremely dreamy and idealistic and like to operate from the basis of their senses, however although they are good at starting things, they often can have issues on following through or completing tasks.

However, when Pisces is so sure of a task at hand, or the path they are on, they can become focused and if they choose to follow through, their intent and focus can sometimes become borderline obsessive compulsive. Pisces also have the tendency to fall victim to drinking too much alcohol, or even dabbling in drugs.

Other negative aspects of Pisceans are found in the fact that they are often perceived to be scatterbrains. Pisceans do not operate well with too much structure in their life and can also be overly emotional.


Pisces Love Horoscope

This can often become a burden to those around them, who struggle to deal with their aloofness and or even mood swings. In professional life, Pisces definitely are better off if possible, finding a way to work for themselves. Pisces by nature love water and so are definitely well suited to jobs or places of work, that bring them close to the sea. From an artistic standpoint, those born under Pisces, can use their intuition effectively and easily morph into character, should they want to delve into an acting career, or career that involves them being on the stage, or in the limelight.

As Pisces is very adaptable, they may find that over the years, they find themselves in many different careers or jobs.

Pisces Love Horoscope for Next Week | California Psychics

As they are big dreamers, the most positive thing about a Piscean, is the fact that they actively pursue their dreams, whilst others around them stay stuck in a rut. Want to know more about the Pisces sign?

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope. Something can happen when you dare to move out of your comfort zone Pisces.


If you have been hoping for romance, an encounter out-of-the blue could set things in motion. And while you may not see eye-to-eye, this could even be part of the attraction. Go easy around the weekend Full Moon, as intense feelings could see you jumping into a new bond without counting the cost.