Snake year horoscope

Carry also the Spirit Essence Enhancing Keychain. Displaying a mighty Bejewelled Flying Windhorse or Key for Success and Victory with Windhorse nearby or carrying a Flying Windhorse Amulet Keychain helps remind you of the strength you can have and the ability to achieve your dreams and goals once you become determined. This 's Flying Star threatens money loss, infidelity, and betrayal even from a friend or loved one. It will be necessary for the Snake to watch their back and be less trusting of anyone around them.

Year of the Snake: Fortune and Personality – Chinese Zodiac

Jealousy plays a big role and someone could try to make you look bad in order to make themselves look better. Be careful of your surroundings and try not to stay out late in unfamiliar or darkened areas as violence lies in the shadows. Competition at work is strong - do your best and always be aware of those who may wish to overtake your business or projects.

Furthermore, be on guard against facing the Northwest3 direction at work or when sitting down at home to eat or relax, since this is seen as a confrontational act. In addition, the Yin House is at your right in , normally a sign of bad news relating to severe illness or even death of a family member.


The oldest daughter in a family is most at risk. To remedy this situation and add balance to the energy, place the Yin House Mirror or the 9 Deity Invocation Plaque in the Southeast sector in the area.

When we activate the big auspicious star it brings you and members of your household a big inflow of good fortune. It might be a new job, a new promotion, added income streams or a sudden windfall of money - something spectacular. The weakened elemental energy plays a role in the unfortunate health outlook for the Snake, though it mostly requires this sign to take better care in terms of sleep, eating and drinking habits, and avoiding stress wherever possible.

Chinese Zodiac Snake

Tiredness comes faster now to many Snakes, so bolstering the immune system helps. The 42 and year-old Snakes are most at risk of harmful illnesses in Though the year-old Snake has the same negative outlook, youth is on their side and they are most likely to ward off infections or ailments. Carrying a Good Health Amulet is wise feng shui advice not only for these Snakes but for all. The 6 and year-old Snakes have a neutral health luck rating, which means you are vulnerable to falling sick if you don't pay attention to your health. This is especially true since success luck is high and there will be temptation to work longer hours or to stress over details.

The fortunate members of this sign are the 18, 54 and year-olds, whose immune systems are more able to fight off health issues this year. The year-old Water Snake is impacted the most by poor wealth luck in so any feng shui wealth energizer that can be used, should be used, especially in the Southeast sector. Be very cautious of investments and avoid overspending or making big purchases this year. The year-old Snake has some potential for wealth gains though they will come only through hard work and determination, bolstered by the increased Windhorse elements of your chart.

The Wealth Luck rating is excellent for the 18 and year-old Snakes and very good for the year-old Snake, who can see a high expectation for financial growth - all the more reason to stay determined and productive during the year. They have a slow, almost drawling way of speaking, but this does not in any way indicate a slow mind, for they are sharp and methodical in their thinking.

Snakes do not allow their emotions to get the better of them, nor do they wear their hearts on their sleeves. As the Chinese Zodiac Snake is a karmic sign, they are secretly quite superstitious and very intense in settling old scores. The Snake is a philosopher and loves philosophical discussions where they can exercise their wisdom and understanding of life and the Universe. They are lovers of good books and tend to be fans of costume-drama TV shows.

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Enthusiasts of the theatre and musicals, the Snake can always guarantee excellent company in the social spectrum. Snakes are also the most aesthetically-pleasing of the Zodiac. Snakes of any gender are typically endowed with beauty of some sort, and if not the classical beauty, then a unique elegance that is captivating to the beholder. As one of the most tenacious signs of the Zodiac, the Snake is a combination of determination, fortitude, grace and charm.

Though one of the most sought-after in terms of company and companionship, it would not be wrong to suggest that Snakes value their own space, for engaging in contemplative thought is a deeply valued past-time of theirs which leads them to a greater physical and spiritual understanding of both the world and themselves. The Snake is probably the best of all the signs in the Chinese Zodiac in times of need. They are able to deal with catastrophe with incredible confidence because they have excellent control over their own minds. A strong sense of responsibility is part of their inherent make-up, and combined with their oodles of charisma, these qualities make the Snake a very special individual indeed.

Snakes usually do not have a problem attracting anyone, being the most beautiful sign of the Chinese Zodiac, and there are often a stream of admirers lining up, fancying their chances. But Snakes can be picky when it comes to mates. The female Snake desires a partner who has a degree of power, influence, prestige and money. In return, she will adapt to become the perfect partner herself. If Ms. Snake sees an opportunity that she and her partner can both benefit from, then she will not hesitate to point it out to her other half — and that is when the plotting begins, for she is a great mastermind as well as anything else!

Snake is impeccably well-dressed, debonair and charming, hence why admirers tend to flock towards him. Though very passionate lovers whose partners feel as though they have just been swept off their feet and launched into romance heaven, Mr. Snake is notorious for his wandering eyes! However, this is a rather unfair reputation. He is merely ardent and sensuous in general, just as likely to pursue a business deal in the same passionate vein as he would a romantic interest.

Both Mr.

And Ms. Snake make exciting and passionate lovers, though both have been known to exhibit qualities of possessiveness and mistrust.

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They can at times be demanding if they feel their needs are not being met. It is always important to remember with the charming Snake that though they may come across with a cool and composed exterior, they have delicate hearts that require gentle handling. As part of the Second Trine in the Chinese Zodiac, the Snake is most compatible with the other signs who share the same trine.

Together, these two can move mountains and achieve anything they desire. These two make an excellent team. Two Snakes can also live peacefully together, each one respecting the privacy that the other requires at times.

Years of the Snake

Their ways of thinking and self-expression are worlds apart. It is too easy to hope the world will stay just the way it is. The December 26 Capricorn solar eclipse signals that life might be growing a bit too predictable. It can be a good thing, yes, but on the threshold of a new one, be a little more competitive and persuasive. Push a little harder. The seasonal Snake awakens in the spring, relaxed and ready to accomplish great things.

Snake natives have the Key to Wealth - predictions Chinese Astrology 2019 Horoscope

This is a time when you have an eye for treasures in the form of new things. Be on the lookout. Fall enhances your charisma and ability to inspire. Xi xi yang yang: The wish is for good luck and prosperity all over in the Chinese year of the earth Pig. It is a chance to restore balance.

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Snakes and Pigs are protective, supportive of family, and sincere about making their home a sanctuary. A peaceful place is one with forgiveness. Why let disagreements continue when you can settle them and dissipate the tension? Nothing encourages the above more than the July 2 Cancer solar eclipse. Take advantage of the 30 days following the event.

Are you holding on to a skewed memory?